Event Rules

All good events need rules, thanks for checking them.

  1. All participants must sign a form at Registration, confirming they have read the Rules and agree to abide by them.
  2. Both days races are held in accordance with the rules and safety requirements of the Fell Running Association (FRA).
    • Runners must understand the hazards involved in fell running and acknowledge that they take part in the event at their own risk
    • Other than organisers liability for causing death/injury by negligence, the organiser accepts no liability for loss/damage of property
  3. The Golden Rule. You must report to the finish at the end of both days. You must not under any circumstances leave the event without reporting to the finish. Without reporting to the finish you will be understood to be lost on the hill and Mountain Rescue will be called. Even if you inform a marshall that you intend to drop out you must still report to the finish before leaving the event area.
  4. You must be a minimum of 18 years old at the start of the event
  5. The minimum kit for each days event is detailed below
    • Saturday – FRA + Emergency survival bag + Spare warm layer (insulated jacket or thick fleece unworn at the start)+ first aid kit (minimum: 1 bandage, 1 wound dressing, roll of tape) + waterproof pen/pencil.
    • Sunday – FRA mandatory kit.
    • FRA mandatory kit is:
      • WATERPROOF whole body cover (i.e. covering the torso from head to ankles). This means a waterproof top and trousers both with taped seams
      • Hat (not a buff) and gloves
      • Map (provided)
      • Compass suitable for navigating the course (GPS type equipment is not acceptable)
      • Whistle
      • Food (including emergency food)
  6. Participants must either have previous experience navigating in the fells or will be required to attend the short score event which will include key safety and skills workshops.
  7. For Sunday’s race numbers must be worn on the chest.
  8. For those participants competing in pairs you must stay together in all circumstances – visual and voice contact. This rule is exempt in case of emergency.
  9. In case of emergency, proceed to a marshalled checkpoint if possible. If not, use emergency bag and phone. Emergency contact details will be available on the map.
  10. If you come across anybody in need of urgent or emergency assistance during the event you are expected to help.
  11. Observe course Cut-Off times as printed on the map.
  12. GPS- allowed for recording but cannot be used for navigation via visual screen or audible sounds. This includes mobile phone apps, watches and standalone GPS devices. A GPS unit can be carried as a safety back-up but must be kept in a rucksack and switched off. For simplicity. You may use an your watch or an app such as strava to record your run but you may not use a GPS device during the race to assist you for navigation purposes.
  13. All participants are expected to enter into the spirit of the event and not seek to gain any unfair advantage.
  14. No littering. In addition where feasible please collect any litter you come across.
  15. Please treat the countryside with consideration, following the countryside code, and aim to cause minimal disruption – both to the ground and any fences etc.
    • Please report any damages to the event team.
    • We have no right of way over others, so please treat any walkers and other users with courtesy.
    • Participants may not enter areas which are clearly private, or pass signs forbidding entry.
  16. Participants must observe all out of bounds areas and uncrossable boundaries as specified on the maps Within farmland and rough pasture, participants must use public rights of way as defined on the map and signed on the ground.
  17. Any participant who acts in a manner that brings the event into disrepute, endangers another participant, member of the Event Team or member of the public, or physically or verbally abuses any member of the organiser will be required to leave the event at their own expense.
  18. Penalties for breach of the rules include but are not limited to:
    • Disqualification from that days event
    • Disqualification from the whole event weekend
    • Asked to leave the event
    • Lifetime ban from all YMRF events

Thanks for reading.
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Key Info

This event has now been postponed to 2021
Location: Duddon Valley, Lake District
Price: £50

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