The focus of Saturday’s event is to emulate a ‘Mountain Marathon’ race. A Mountain Marathon is an event where participants navigate between checkpoints to test route-finding and navigational ability as well as speed moving over mountain terrain.

This will be a ‘Score’ type event. In a score event there is no set route for the participant to follow. Each participant will be given a map at the start of the event which will show the locations of an array of checkpoints, which will be marked by orange flags (or similar) in the photo below. Each checkpoint is worth a different amount of points. The participants/pairs can choose their own route to try and gain as many points as possible before returning to the event centre within the allotted time limit. For those new to ‘Score’ events please see further information outlined in our FAQs.

Participants will need to carry: waterproof whole body cover (with taped seams and integrated attached hood), an additional warm layer, hat, gloves, compass, whistle, watch, emergency food, first aid kit (minimum: 1 bandage, 1 wound dressing, roll of tape), waterproof pen/pencil. See event rules for more details.

This day will be split into two categories as follows:

Long Score – This event (5-6 hours) is aimed at competitors with prior experience of mountain marathon style events or with proven navigation skills. Competitors can compete on their own or as a pair with opportunities for pairs to be formed on the weekend.

Short Score – This be a shorter length (3-4 hour) event aimed at those new to mountain marathon style events. Competitors will need to compete in pairs. For those who do not have a partner ad hoc teams will be created on the weekend of the event. To prepare competitors for this event a number of workshops will be run in the morning to develop competitors’ skills before heading out on the hill to test them. More details on these workshops are outlined here.

During the planning process, what time period to set the score event at was a constant source of debate among the planning committee. Eventually we stumbled upon a solution. Courses will have a set opening and closing time and a maximum time period. However competitors will be encourage to choose whatever time period they feel is best suited to their abilities. Competitors looking to score big points will be encouraged to head out earlier to maximise their available time while those looking to focus on practicing skills can take a more leisurely start. Prizes will be awarded for the highest scoring teams in each category as well as the most efficient teams – those with the best points/time ratio.

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Key Info

This event has now been postponed to 2021
Location: Duddon Valley, Lake District
Price: £50

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