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We are a group of running buddies from Sheffield who are passionate about increasing youth involvement in fell running. We’ve been working together to put on YMRF 2020.

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James Lowe

James found fell running while a student at the University of Sheffield where he initially trained to take part in the High Peak Marathon. In recent years he has ran the Tour de Mont Blanc over 5 days, completed the Dragons Back and has a continuing obsession with the OMM. He is at his most happy shouting, very loudly, in the middle of nowhere.

Lova Chechik

Lova retired from the sport of orienteering at the ripe old age of 15. Since arriving in Sheffield at the age of 22, he discovered the Peak District and Fell Running. In the Fell Running world he is considered a good navigator – an opinion opposed by most orienteers. He prefers the longer events, mountains marathons or a 24hr rounds preferably back to back on minimal recovery.

Matt Harmon

Matt is the mountaineering professional of the group. He is a qualified Mountain Leader and Rock Climbing instructor who also has extensive experience working on a variety of mountain running events. Matt has been found to be allergic to any race shorter than ultra length. He famously completed the Spine race by getting down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend.

Tamsin Moran

Tamsin is an experienced orienteer who has competed internationally and recently spent a year coaching orienteering in Australia. Her navigational abilities make a mockery of the rest of the group. Having recently spent a summer gaining fitness in the Lake District she is now off to put herself to the test at Sandhurst.

Dave Robinette

Dave is routinely mocked by the rest of the group for his love of trails. While more reluctant to embrace the fells he still puts us all to shame at races. Dave is often found sporting the most dramatic shorts on offer and enjoys wearing them to race internationally.

Sarah Roscoe

Sarah started running on the bogs of the Peak District to prepare for the High Peak Marathon. However, she was drawn to the rocky peaks of the Lake District where she went from strength to strength. One of the many members of the group with a penchant for ultras she has completed the Old County Tops and the grueling Ben Nevis Ultra. Famously, Sarah once found a man on one knee at the end of the Spine race.

Calum Wadsworth

Calum began Fell Running at a young age without realising. This mainly consisted of chasing siblings back to the car from the top of the hill (possibly causing his love of descending at break neck speed). With increased age he has started to dabble in fell races but merely classes them as training for big days in the hills. His opinion is “the rougher the better, slows the quick runners down”.

Lisa Watson

Lisa discovered fell running while at uni in Sheffield by volunteering at the High Peak Marathon with the Mountaineering club. She first ran HPM in 2017 and has since completed a number of long distance challenges and races, including a Munro round, the GR20 and this year she put all those skills to good use and won the 2019 Dragon’s Back. When not racing, she loves spending weekends in the mountains with friends.

Megan Wilson

Megan is routinely touted by friends as a championships contender. She is however frequently distracted by other challenges often on two wheels. She is rapidly running out of continents to cycle tour across and instead is forced to spend her time planning even more daring challenges.

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Key Info

This event has now been postponed to 2021
Location: Duddon Valley, Lake District
Price: £50

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